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Administrator, Analyst, Architect, Cloud Architect, Data Scientist, Database Administrator, Developer, End User, Engineer, Integration Engineer, Network Engineer, Project Manager, Solution Architect, Support Engineer, Sviluppatore, System Administrator, System Analyst, System Engineer, Virtualization Administrator


Data Center, Database



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  • Ingest, clean, and transform data
  • Model data for performance and scalability
  • Design and create reports for data analysis
  • Apply and perform advanced report analytics
  • Manage and share report assets
  • Create paginated reports in Power BI



Module 1: Get Started with Microsoft Data Analytics

  • Data Analytics and Microsoft
  • Getting Started with Power BI


Lab : Getting Started

  • Getting Started


Module 2: Prepare Data in Power BI

  • Get data from various data sources
  • Optimize performance
  • Resolve data errors


Lab : Preparing Data in Power BI Desktop

  • Prepare Data


Module 3: Clean, Transform, and Load Data in Power BI

  • Data shaping
  • Enhance the data structure
  • Data Profiling


Lab : Transforming and Loading Data

  • Loading Data


Module 4: Design a Data Model in Power BI

  • Introduction to data modeling
  • Working with tables
  • Dimensions and Hierarchies


Lab : Data Modeling in Power BI Desktop

  • Create Model Relationships
  • Configure Tables
  • Review the model interface
  • Create Quick Measures


Lab : Advanced Data Modeling in Power BI Desktop

  • Configure many-to-many relationships
  • Enforce row-level security


Module 5: Create Model Calculations using DAX in Power BI

  • Introduction to DAX
  • DAX context
  • Advanced DAX


Lab : Introduction to DAX in Power BI Desktop

  • Create calculated tables
  • Create calculated columns
  • Create measures


Lab : Advanced DAX in Power BI Desktop

  • Use the CALCULATE() function to manipulate filter context
  • use Time Intelligence functions


Module 6: Optimize Model Performance

  • Optimze the model for performance
  • Optimize DirectQuery Models
  • Create and manage Aggregations


Module 7: Create Reports

  • Design a report
  • Enhance the report


Lab : Designing a report in Power BI

  • Create a live connection in Power BI Desktop
  • Design a report
  • Configure visual fields adn format properties


Lab : Enhancing Power BI reports with interaction and formatting

  • Create and configure Sync Slicers
  • Create a drillthrough page
  • Apply conditional formatting
  • Create and use Bookmarks


Module 8: Create Dashboards

  • Create a Dashboard
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Enhance a Dashboard


Lab : Designing a report in Power BI Desktop – Part 1

  • Create a Dashboard
  • Pin visuals to a Dashboard
  • Configure a Dashboard tile alert
  • Use Q&A to create a dashboard tile


Module 9: Create Paginated Reports in Power BI

  • Paginated report overview
  • Create Paginated reports


Lab : Creating a Paginated report

  • Use Power BI Report Builder
  • Design a multi-page report layout
  • Define a data source
  • Define a dataset
  • Create a report parameter
  • Export a report to PDF


Module 10: Perform Advanced Analytics

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Data Insights through AI visuals


Lab : Data Analysis in Power BI Desktop

  • Create animated scatter charts
  • Use teh visual to forecast values
  • Work with Decomposition Tree visual
  • Work with the Key Influencers visual


Module 11: Create and Manage Workspaces

  • Creating Workspaces
  • Sharing and Managing Assets


Lab : Publishing and Sharing Power BI Content

  • Map security principals to dataset roles
  • Share a dashboard
  • Publish an App


Module 12: Manage Datasets in Power BI

  • Parameters
  • Datasets


Module 13: Row-level security

  • Security in Power BI

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