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Migrating Your Oracle Database to Autonomous Database Cloud


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Administrator, Cloud Architect, Database Administrator


Cloud, Data Center, Database



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This course teaches you migration techniques to move data to cloud and to quickly create test or
development database instances using Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud service. You will reinforce your learning with the hands-on labs as part of this course.

Learn To:
Analyze and compare your source and target environments
Choose your migration strategy
Preparing Source and Target Systems for Migration
Migrate data using SQL Developer to Autonomous Database
Migrate On-Premises Oracle Database Schema Using Data Pump
Perform Post Migration Verification

Benefits to You
You will benefit from interactive sessions that cover these areas:

Oracle Autonomous Database
Expert Oracle University instructors will provide an overview of Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform for
Database Services. Learn how to quickly spin up an Autonomous Database instance and load data into it.

Develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of migrating data from on-premises database to Oracle Autonomous Database. Review the SQL Developer and Data Pump migration methods. With this you can plan your cloud migration strategy and also create secure and reliable departmental Data Marts that can support quick query response time for complex queries.

General understanding of cloud technology Experience in Oracle Database 11g/12c Administration Working knowledge of managing Oracle Multitenant Database Working knowledge of Oracle Database Backup & Recovery concepts and tools

Cloud Administrator
Database Administrator

Identify the key features of Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud services
Identify the considerations for choosing a migration method
Identify the steps involved in moving existing data marts to Oracle Cloud
Analyze and choose a migration strategy
Prepare source and target database systems for migration
Migrate your data from On-Premises Oracle Database to Autonomous Database
Perform post-migration verification

1) Course Overview
Describe the course objectives and prerequisites
Explore the course road map & use case
Identify course persona
Course Prerequisites
Identify the course environment and sample schema used in this course
2) Migrating Your Oracle Database to Autonomous Database Overview
Oracle Autonomous Cloud Platform Overview
Autonomous Database: Overview
Autonomous Data Warehouse: Overview
Autonomous Transaction Processing: Overview
Migration: What, Why, and How
3) Analyzing and Choosing Your Migration Strategy
Analyzing Source System: On-Premises Oracle Database
Identifying Database Objects to be Migrated
Identify the benefits of this migration
Choosing a Migration Strategy
4) Preparing Source and Target Systems for Migration
Prepare the source database for migration
Create the target system: Autonomous Database instances
Prepare the target service instances
Create a storage bucket in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage
5) Migrating Using SQL Developer
Describe the methods and techniques to migrate database objects and segments by using SQL
Migrate tables by using SQL Developer
Perform post-migration verification tasks
6) Migrating On-Premises Database Schema Using Data Pump
Explore Data Pump migration methods
Use Oracle Data Pump Export to export database schemas
Upload Data Pump files to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage
Use Oracle Data Pump Import to import data files into Autonomous Data Warehouse

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