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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Administration Essentials Ed 2


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Develop key insights into key concepts and features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).
Identify how the OCI’s global distribution of infrastructure components can assist your enterprise, learn to extend your IT infrastructure with highly customizable Virtual Cloud Networks (VCN) and connectivity services. With network in place, launch your first compute instance, and define storage volumes. Also learn to deploy a highly available web application utilizing services like load balancer and distributing infrastructure across multiple availability domains.Discover the various Oracle Database options available on OCI from VM DB to Autonomous Database to Bare Metal DB. With these OCI components in place, get insights to securing OCI, DNS, and understand OCI WAF capabilities and architecture.

Basic concepts of Cloud computing
Understanding of Networks

Cloud Administrator
Cloud Architect

Understand compartments and policies
Launch your first compute instance
Configure Object and Block Storage
Configure a public load balancer
Configure File System Storage
Describe Database options on OCI
Explain OCI WAF capabilities and architecture


1 Getting Started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Global Footprint
OCI Region – HA Building Blocks

2 Identity and Access Management
Principals, Authentication, Authorization
Policy Syntax
Reference Model: OCI Compartments

3 Virtual Cloud Network
CIDR Basics
Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) Components

4 Connectivity to On-Premises Networks
Dynamic Routing Gateway
VPN Connect

5 Connectivity – FastConnect
Public Peering Connection
Private and Public Peering
Connectivity Models & Options

6 Load Balancer
OCI Load Balancing Service
Public & Private Load Balancer
Working with Load Balancers

7 Compute Service

8 Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes

9 OCI Registry Service

10 Object Storage

11 Block Volume

12 File Storage Service

13 Database Service
DB Systems – Virtual Machine (VM), Bare Metal & Exadata
Storage Architecture
Database Editions, Versions and Options
Managing DB Systems
High Availability and Scalability
Oracle Data Guard
Security Features

14 Autonomous Database
Specialized by Workload
Choice of Cloud Deployment
Automated Tuning in Autonomous Database
Working with Autonomous Database
Autonomous Database – Dedicated

15 DNS
DNS Zone Management
Supported Record Types
Adding a Zone
View/Add Records
Use Cases Secondary DNS Architecture

16 Traffic Management Policies
DNS Traffic Management Overview
Steering Policies & Concepts

17 OCI Security
Shared Security Model
Security Services and Features

18 Web Application Firewall
Key Components
OCI WAF Architecture


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