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Sophos Firewall Architect

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This course provides an in-depth study of Sophos Firewall, designed for experienced technical professionals who will be planning, installing, configuring, and supporting deployments in production environments.
This course is available online via the Training Portal, or as an instructor-led classroom course. Please contact your CAM or CAE to find out more about the availability of classroom courses in your region.
Due to the nature of delivery, and the varying experiences of trainees, open discussion is encouraged during the training.
Electronic copies of the supporting documents for the course are provided to each trainee via the training portal.
This course will take approximately 3 days (24 hours) to complete.
To complete this course, trainees must take and pass an online assessment.
Trainees will have 3 hours to complete the assessment; the pass mark is 80% and trainees will have 3 attempts to pass.
Lab Environment
Each trainee is provided a pre-configured environment that simulates a company network with two sites, a head office, and a branch office.
On completion of this course, trainees will be able to:
– Deploy Sophos Firewall in complex network environments
– Explain how Sophos Firewall processes traffic and use this information to inform the configuration
– Configure advanced networking and protection features
– Protect web applications using the web server protection
Prior to taking this training, trainees should:
– Have completed and passed the Sophos Firewall – Certified Engineer course
– Have completed any subsequent delta modules up to version 19.0
We recommend that trainees have the following knowledge and experience:
– Windows networking and the ability to troubleshoot issues
–  A good understanding of IT security
– Configuring network security devices
– Configuring and administering Linux/UNIX systems

1. Sophos Firewall Deployment
-Considerations for Deploying Sophos Firewall in common scenarios
-Deploying Sophos Firewall in Discover Mode
25 minutes
Lab Tasks
-Register for a Sophos Central Evaluation
-Activate the Sophos Firewall
50 minutes
2. Getting Started with Sophos Firewall
-Advanced Interface Configuration on Sophos Firewall
-Advanced Routing and SD-WAN Configuration on Sophos Firewall
-Dynamic Routing on Sophos Firewall
-Considerations for Configuring Device Access on Sophos Firewall
25 minutes
Lab Tasks
-Multiple WAN Link
-SD WAN Profiles
-Create a Policy-Based Route for an MPLS Scenario
-Configuring Device Access
-Bridge Interfaces
85 minutes
3. Base Firewall
-Advanced Firewall Rule Management on Sophos Firewall
-Advanced NAT Configuration on Sophos Firewall
-Network Traffic Shaping on Sophos Firewall
45 minutes
Lab Tasks
-Load-Balanced NAT
-Local NAT Policy
-Install Sophos Central
35 minutes
4. Network Protection
-Advanced IPS Configuration
-Advanced DoS Protection
-Managing and Deploying Security Heartbeat on Sophos Firewall
25 minutes
Lab Tasks
-Advanced DoS Policy
-Source-based Security Heartbeat
-Destination-Based Security Heartbeat
-Missing Security Heartbeat
40 minutes
Sophos Technical Training
5. Site-to-Site Connections
-Advanced IPsec Site-to-Site VPN Configuration on Sophos Firewall
-Advanced Remote Ethernet Device (RED) Configuration on Sophos Firewall
45 minutes
Lab Tasks
-Create an IPsec site-to-site VPN
-Configure VPN networking NATing
-Configure VPN failover
-Enable RED on the Sophos Firewall
-Create a RED tunnel between two Sophos firewalls
-Configure routing for the RED tunnel
-Configure route-based VPN
60 minutes
6. Authentication
-Advanced STAS Configuration
10 minutes
Lab Tasks
-Configure an Active Directory Authentication Server
-Configure Single Sign-On using STAS
-Authenticate users over a site-to-site VPN
35 minutes
7. Web Protection
-Managing TLS Decryption for Web Protection on Sophos Firewall
15 minutes
Lab Tasks
-Install the SSL CA Certificate
-Configure TLS inspection rules
-Configure a custom web policy for users
25 minutes
8. Remote Access
-Advanced Sophos Remote Access VPN Configuration on Sophos Firewall
10 minutes
Lab Tasks
-Sophos Connect
-Auto provisioning
45 minutes
9. Wireless Protection
-Troubleshooting Access Point Deployment
-Wireless Authentication
-Configuring Wireless Mesh Networks
-Troubleshooting Wireless Performance
30 minutes

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