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Unica Campaign Administration

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Course Description
The Unica Campaign Administration course provides insight in tasks that administrators should
know when managing Unica Campaign. The course is split in a business track on the first day and a
technical track on the second day. The business track explains how to perform user administration,
administrator tasks from within the application such as mapping tables, creating offer attributes
and templates and maintaining audience levels. The last part of Day 1 shows the basic Unica
Director functionality. The technical track explains the Campaign architecture, the Campaign
configuration and administration utilities available on the Unica server. Next, the technical track
shows how to work with log files and monitor the application. Finally, Day 2 concludes with a more
detailed explanation of Unica Director.

Unica Campaign Administration Topics
Day 1: Campaign Business Administration
• Security Overview
• Security Roles
• Users and Groups
• Global Security Policy’
• Permissions
• Resolving Security Permissions
• Database Security and Flowchart Access
• Integration with Access Control Systems
Unica Campaign – Specific Configuration
• Audience Levels
• Customer Database Data Source
• User Tables and Table Mapping
• Contact and Response History Tables for
Additional Audiences
• Campaign Custom Attributes
• Custom Offer Attributes
• Offer Templates
• Campaign Response Types
Flowchart Performance
• How Campaign Works – A Closer Look
• Temp Tables
• Flowchart Logs
• Flowchart Design for Performance
• Additional Performance Configuration
• Database Loader
• In-Database Optimization
• Server Administration and Operational
• Scheduler
Unica Director
• Dashboard View
• Monitoring Feature
• Health Check
• Cleanup
Day 2: Campaign IT Administration
Unica Campaign Architecture
• How Campaign Works
• Unica Architecture
• Marketing View Security Architecture
• Storage Architecture
Unica Marketing Platform Configuration
• Functional Components Centralized
• Platform Configuration Properties
• Dashboards
• Rebranding and User Interface Customization
Unica Utilities
• Unica Marketing Platform Utilities
• Unica Campaign Utilities
Unica Application Logs
• Unica Marketing Platform Logs
• Campaign Web Application Log
• Campaign Listener Log
• Campaign Server anager Log
• Flowchart Logs
Unica Application Monitoring
• Campaign Listener Monitoring
• Databases Monitoring
Unica Campaign Performance Tuning Guidelines
• Server Optimization
• Best Practices
• Troubleshooting
Unica Application Processes
• Start-up and shutdown processes
• Backup and Restore
Unica Director
• Dashboard View
• Monitoring Feature
• Health Check
• Cleanup
• Unica Architecture with Director

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