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Unica Deliver Fundamentals

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Course Description
This one-day course teaches how to reach your target audiences directly with personalized messages
using email, SMS text and Push messaging. It will take participants through the process of selecting
email recipients and designing an email communication. These two elements combined create the
emailing as part of Unica Campaign. The configuration of the mailing is part of the course, as well as
running and monitoring the mailing.

Learning Objectives
• Identify and describe the major functions and purposes of Deliver
• Identify and discuss the three roles of Deliver users
• Select email recipients using a Campaign flowchart
• Work with the document composer to build a communication
• Use the Quickbuilder to easily create an email template
• Describe the typical workflow of Deliver involving the three roles and their respective tasks
in the process of designing and executing Deliver mailings

Unica Deliver Fundamentals Topics
1 Unica Deliver Overview
– Functions and Purposes of Deliver
– Roles of Deliver users
– Selecting Mailing Recipients
– Work with the Document Composer
2 Selecting email recipients
– Design and Execute a Campaign
Flowchart for Deliver
– Output List Table
– Generate Personalization Data
– Configure Test, Seed and Production
3 Creating a Deliver Communication
– Roles & Tasks involved when creating a
Deliver Communication
– Access Message Editor to create Email
and Landing Pages
– Use the Quickbuilder to create a
– Identify the Key Elements of a Deliver
– Use Preview Tools
4 Configuring a Deliver mailing
– Components of a Mailing
– Procedure of Creating a Mailing
5 Deliver Mailing Methods
– Standard Mailing
– Transactional Mailings
6 Running and Monitoring the Mailing
– Run a Test Mailing
– Executing a Mailing
– Monitoring a Mailing
7 Tracking and Analyzing Results in Deliver
– Access Reports for Mailing Execution
and Performance
– Analyze Mailing Deliverability and
8 A/B Testing of Mailings
– Describe A/B Testing Functionality
– Use of A/B Testing Methods
– Monitor Results from A/B Testing
9 Transactional Mailings
– Architecture of Transactional Mailings
– Perform Transactional Mailings
10 Sending SMS Text Messages
– Configure an SMS Text Message
– Send the SMS Text Message
Course Wrap-up

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