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Unica Journey Starter Course

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Course Description
This one-day course introduces the topics of goal-based marketing and customer journey building. It
will take the participants through the concepts and through actual journey building with the
included exercises. The course will be av available as instructor-led classroom and self-paced.

Learning Objectives
• Identify the purposes of Unica Journey
• Know what a customer journey entails
• Explain the main purpose, concepts and features of Unica Journey
• Move around in the Unica Journey interface
• Work with folders to store artefacts
• Build a customer journey, including entry sources and data definitions
• Modify an existing journey
• Define goals and monitor progress towards goals

Unica Journey Starter Topics
1 Introduction to Unica Journey
– Use of Unica Journey
– Goal-Based Marketing
– Typical Customer Journey
2 Unica Journey Concepts & Features
– Main Concepts
– Journey-specific artifacts
– Designing the Journey Canvas
3 Building the Customer Journey
– Use the Journey Canvas
– Create Data Definitions
– Use Entry Sources
– Add Touchpoints
4 Monitor Progress Towards Goals
– Plan the Goals
– Add Goals to the Customer Journey
– Monitor Progress to Goals
5 Advanced Features
– View Journeys with Different Status
– Modify the journeys Listing Page
– Modify the Details of a Journey
– Move Journeys between Folders
– Delete Journeys
Course Wrap-up

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